MoM 1.3.17

A.K.A Submission 4


I published this release immediately following Submission 3. This contains a minor UI bug fix. That’s it.

Nothing new.  

Bugs fixed:
The highlights looks seamless with respect to colors. You will not see a white banner for the New Meeting any more (on displays with higher resolution).


MoM 1.3.8

A.K.A Submission 3


Happy new year!
I have been wanting to publish this release for a long time now, but couldn’t; got busy with my work related stuffs and the 2017 year end vacation.

The app now integrates with OneDrive for synchronizing meetings, minutes and action items.
You can now pick up participants from your contacts – less typing.
Also updated the layout of the highlights page to show center aligned upcoming cards. 

Bugs fixed:
Fixed a major bug – app crashes when an empty participant was added.


MoM 1.2.7

A.K.A Submission 2


This is the update that I published after the initial submission. This contains some bug fixes and minor UI tweaks.

Added Privacy Policy links to the application user interface.
Other than that, nothing new.

Bugs fixed:
Fixed an issue with saving notes.

MoM v1.1

A.K.A Submission 1

Published, now obsolete.

This is the very first publish to the store. Candidate for the Fall Creators Update Dev Sweepstakes, which I did not win anyways!

Integration with Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
Automatic generation of action items from the minutes.
Pin, unpin meetings to the side pane.
Sharing meetings, notes and action items.
Adaptive user interface that changes its layout based on the available screen space.
Mark actions as done or todo.
Ability to search for a meeting, note or an action item.
Backup and restore meetings, notes and action items.

Next version:
The next version might contain the following changes…
Data synchronization between multiple devices.
Pin, unpin meetings to Start (as tiles).
Live tiles.
Integration with People hub.